Business and commercial customers: your recycling guide


This guide explains how business and commercial customers can use the kerbside scheme effectively. Please note that the kerbside service is only intended to fully service households in the Wairarapa with domestic quantities of rubbish and recycling.


If you are operating a business, any rubbish and recycling your business generates in excess of what can safely be put in the crates and wheelie bins provided is your responsibility. You are free to drop any excess off at your local Transfer Station, or to hire a commercial recycling service.


Glass crates must not be overfull to avoid spilling when lifted. They must not weigh more than 10kg for safe lifting.

The kerbside services is suitable for:

plastic bottles containers

Plastic bottles or containers from kitchen and bathroom areas

aluminium cans v2

Tin and aluminium cans from staff


Newspapers for staff

The kerbside service is not suitable for:


Commercial volumes of cardboard or large boxes

process recycling

Manufacturing or process recycling, or surplus stock

cafe bottles

Café or restaurant quantities of bottles or containers

office paper

Office paper, bulk magazines and bundled leaflets

When do I put my bin out?

CBD collection times


Mon Carterton CBD 7:30am-10am
Tues Greytown CBD 7:30am-10am
Wed Martinborough CBD 7:30am-10am
Thu Featherston CBD 7:30am-10am
Fri Masterton CBD 7:30am-9am


Other areas will be collected on the same day as domestic collections.

Commercial collection options and scale

glass v2

240L Glass Green

240L Glass Brown

240L Glass Clear

mixed recycling
Mixed Recycling

240L Plastic Bottles

Plastic Containers

Aluminium/Steel Cans


120L Magazines/Office Paper

240L Mixed Paper

360L Cardboard

1100L Cardboard

3 cubic metre Cardboard

other material
Other material

For other materials such as plastic strapping, film, pallet wrap, industrial shrink wrap, please call Earthcare Environmental to discuss other recycling options.

Recycling is good for business

Responsible businesses take care to ensure they’re recycling the maximum amount of waste. That’s because it’s good for business and it makes good economic sense.


Sensible commercial recycling reduces waste disposal costs and is either cost neutral or saves money for your business. These days too, most consumers expect their suppliers to recycle and do their bit for the environment.


If your business recycling needs go beyond the capacity of the kerbside collection scheme being offered by the Council, Earthcare Environmental can help.


Earthcare Environmental has a mission to achieve a 100% recycling rate. We work collaboratively with the Councils, businesses and householders all over the Wairarapa to do our bit towards achieving that goal.


We cater for organisations of all types and sizes and offer a free assessment of your commercial recycling needs. Any plan we recommend will be tailored to your business. It will maximise your recycling and simplify the whole process of waste management for you.



Need to recycle more?

Please call Earthcare Environmental to discuss recycling options for other materials such as plastic strapping, film, pallet wrap, or industrial shrink wrap.

If your business has excess materials, you can drop off your recycling for free at a local transfer or recycling station, or arrange a commercial collection with the Councils’ contractor.




Please put your kerbside collection out by 7:30am
Your new rubbish and recycling collection starts from 09 September 2019


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